Single Foldable Handle 250 kg - Grey-Yellow

Single Foldable Handle 250 kg - Grey-Yellow

Model : HN-110

Load Capacity 250 (kg)
Model Color Load
Carton Size
M3/pc 20'c
HN-110 Grey-Yellow 250 710x480x870 100 760x495x120 0.045 631


     Inspired by the perfect hexagonal structure of honeycombs, an example of exquisite natural pattern formation and biological engineering, JUMBO HN series hand truck is designed with innovative features and unique design for utmost utility. The platform is moulded into embossed anti-slip beehive mesh pattern while the existing part of the product is designed to be more functional. The handle plate of the hand truck is transformed into a mini tool panel for additional storage and utility so the hand truck can attach several tool hangers and different sorts of hooks to hang tools while moving loads at the same time. Ideal for all types of workplace.

     Every step of the hand truck production is meticulously managed, resulting in a higher load capacity, ultimate durability and optimal service life. The whole structure covered with strong & smooth acrylic hybrid powder paint with inspiring strong duo color combinations that match perfectly, making the hand truck appealing and modern in every angle.

     The tool panel can be used with our award winning Flexi tools holder. The completely versatile hook base can be used as a tool holder both vertically & horizontally and as a base for add-ons for maximum flexibility & utmost utility. All the tools holders can be freely adjust to accommodate the all types of tools as needed.